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24 Juy 2021

Is out!  Confession, I've never read an ebook so seeing BEYOND as an ebook was a double first. Result? I think I'll get an ebook reader.

27 July 2021


The paperback has arrived from the publisher, 50 copies. There was a brief temptation to have a cover with reflective bits on the scales and patches of gloss, or even embossed to give the scales some relief, but... that aside, it looks great.


08 August 2021

Glossary of characters

BEYOND is a fast-paced story with a lot of characters. More than one reader has said, wouldn't it be good if there was a list of the main characters?  There is, but not very helpfully there is no index in the paperback to tell you it is there. A glossary of key characters starts on page 443 of the paperback. The ebook has a link to the key characters section.

There was going to be a list of key monsters, and key technologies, but that would have made the book too long...


First paperback copies of BEYOND IM1.1.jpg
Key Characters IM1.1.JPG
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